Subscription : SmartOne B+ | SmartOne C+

This subscription provides access to the Advanced Tracking’s interface and all it’s functionalities

Frequency of positions :
- 1 position every 2 hours when the tracking device is moving.
- 1 position when the tracking device starts to move.
- 1 position when the tracking device comes to rest.
- 1 position every 24 hours when the tracking device is still.

please fill out and validate the form below.

As soon as your form and paiment are received, the access to the services will be activated within 72 hours (working days) or later if you mentioned it (see the dedicated rubric after).

To reach the interface of geo-localization, you have to create your login and your password. Has you to define them :
(Upper and lower case will be taken into account)
Annual subscription (360 € /year all included)
Bank Transfer
Bank details Advanced Tracking :
IBAN : FR76 3000 3021 0300 0201 0482 845
Direct Debit
In order to meet the new standards, please fill out the following form « SEPA Direct Debit Mandate ». You can then print it and return it signed by post to the following address :

51 rue du Port de la Plage
A link will be offered to download and print your SEPA after validation of your subscription
Validation of the subscription contract